Have you had trouble forgiving others? Do you feel condemned by others or by yourself? Do you feel you never measure up? Have past hurts locked up your heart, holding it captive to unhealthy behaviors? Have the pressures of everyday life drawn your heart away from The Lover of Your Soul? Have you allowed past hurts to destroy relationships with others? Would you like to spend time in the Word and worshipping with other ladies in our Community?

Join us for a 3-day ladies conference April 29 through May 1. We will spend time worshipping together, in God’s Word, and praying together as we allow the Spirit to restore our joy and remove any obstacles to blessed fellowship with Him and others.

This conference has 5 sessions. See the conference outline. Feel free to come to some or all sessions. We will serve lunch on Saturday and Sunday and Dinner on Saturday night. Although we will not charge for the conference, if you would like to share in the blessings of this ministry, there will be an offering box in the back of the auditorium.

Please register for the conference. It will assist us as we plan for this time. We look forward to spending the weekend with you.