Conference Outline

Friday Night – Session 1 – 6:00-8:30 PM – How I Ended Up In Jail

What happens when God drags you out of your comfort zone and into a ministry where you are not qualified or prepared to serve? Jodi shares her testimony about how she ended up serving God in jail, and some of the lessons He has taught her along the way.

Saturday Morning – SESSION 2 – 9:00-11:55 AM – Getting Past Guilt

Why did God create us to experience the emotion of guilt? What is the purpose of guilt in our lives? How are we supposed to respond to guilt? Is it possible for us to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes? How do we know if God has really forgiven us for our sin?

Lunch 12:00-1:15 PM

Saturday Afternoon – SESSION 3 – 1:15-4:45 PM – Conviction vs. Condemnation

What is the conviction of the Holy Spirit? What is its purpose? How should we respond to conviction? What are some inappropriate ways to respond to conviction? What is condemnation? How does it differ from conviction? How should we respond to feelings of condemnation?

Dinner 4:45-5:45 PM

Saturday Evening – SESSION 4 – 5:45-8:15 PM – Forgiveness – To Us & Through Us

What does God’s Word teach us about forgiveness? How do we avoid bitterness? How do we express our gratitude for God’s forgiveness of our sin? How do we forgive others as Jesus commands?   How do we know if we have really forgiven someone? If we forgive, does that excuse the sin of the other person? Does it minimize the hurt and pain we experienced? What if we don’t feel like forgiving them? What if they never ask for our forgiveness? Is it fair that God commands us to forgive others?

Sunday Afternoon – SESSION 5 – 12:45-4:30 PM – Walk Worthy

God’s Word exhorts us to “walk worthy” of our calling. How do we do that? How can we balance resting in Christ and “working out” our salvation? What role does God’s Word play in walking worthy of our Lord? What does it mean to be an “imitator of God”?